It’s so apparent, they still won’t see it


There are so many times in business where you may craft the greatest idea out there that will make people money that they’d accept, but they still won’t.


When I was at that semi-prestigious law firm, they had a rule that attorneys who originated a client would be entitled to 50% of the fee, regardless of the practice area. So if the real estate tax attorney got a client for their house tax appeal, he could get 509 cents on the dollar if that client would utilize any other attorney at the firm, regardless of the practice area. So I thought it was a no brainer that I could start a national ERISA practice with our existing clients. I was dead wrong.  For some reason, these partners who used to have their practice clung to their client lists for dear life.


Great ideas on paper to generate revenue for someone else is great on paper. The problem is when you’re dealing with human emotions, often it defies logic/common sense. You might be dealing with insecurities or other emotions that get people blinded to great opportunities.

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