That 401(k) Conference and That 401(k) National Conference: Sponsoring While Not Burning You Out

When I first started my law practice, I’d be asked to sponsor a networking event or a plan sponsor event where the sponsorship fee was a waste of money because it didn’t bring me the audience I needed to sell your services.


So when I started That 401(k) Conference, I had two propositions: 1. Creating a memorable event for advisors and 2. Not burning out the sponsors. The top sponsorship at That 401(k) Conference event is $1,500, the top sponsorship at That 401(k) National Conference is $15,000 (deep discount for previous That 401(k) Conference sponsors). So no matter the connections you make by sponsoring, you never feel like you’ve burned out or that you wasted all that money.


Interested in sponsoring? You know where to reach me.

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