Some random Coronavirus pandemic observation

  1. Does posting on Facebook that you see people not self-distancing, really effective especially if you’re not sure the people you’re complaining about it, can see it?
  2. Do you know the backstory of the people you’re complaining about? Maybe the person going 3-4 times a week to the supermarket is caring for multiple people? Maybe the people in the park are all related and living under the same roof.
  3. Unless a politician is single-handedly spreading Coronavirus around to people, I’m not going to blame them for this.
  4. I’m not going to complain about my plight when people are sick or unemployed over this.
  5. While I can pick up food and alcohol from the local restaurant, the thing I miss the most about eating out is the draft beer in glass because a kiddie cup isn’t the same.
  6. Where I come from, my local baseball card store is an essential business.
  7. What does it say about life in self-quarantine that one of the highlights of the day is finding if toilet paper and paper towels are available at Costco?
  8. After about 4 weeks with no school for my kids, I’d like some social distance from them.
  9. I went to a Kosher supermarket where they checked my temperature. Thankfully it’s no longer 1978 and I didn’t have to bend over. Thank you technology.
  10. Based on how wrong the experts have been in predicting this all, their guesses are as good as mine.


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