The coming Hollywood drought


One problem with the Coronavirus pandemic is that Hollywood production has come to a standstill and if some of the work restrictions aren’t lifted, we’re going to have a drought of original programming on TV and in the movies for quite some time.


For example, most soap operas are now airing best if retrospective since their tank of new shows has been emptied. While many Hollywood blockbusters have been held off from the theaters that have been closed, there are a lot more movies that have had production halted. The summer months are when the TV season starts filming, are we going to have a repeat of what happened when SAG struck in 1980 and the new TV season gets delayed? Probably.


Sure, there are far worse things to consider about Coronavirus, but the lack of entertainment options is just going to make life a little more unbearable for people as many areas will have lockdowns throughout the summer.

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