You can’t be what you’re not


This summer will be Camp Ary as both of my kids had their camps canceled for the summer, thanks to the Coronavirus. My son’s sleepaway camp and my daughter’s day camp were canceled. While both camps were allowed to open, they both realized that camp with social distancing wasn’t camp, so they decided to cancel.


Realizing that they couldn’t be what they away were, these camps were honest with their customers that they couldn’t operate the way they wanted to. They had too much dedication to what they do to continue with a camp season that could pose damage to the health of staff and campers, as well as providing a subpar experience. A local camp that my kids used to go to has decided to open because the owner has three adult children to support as well as their children. With a poor refund policy and a very secret discussion of details and programming, this local camp will have a scorched earth policy that will probably negatively impact their business for years beyond 2020.


When dealing with clients, you have to be honest about what services you can provide and be honest about what you can’t provide. Being frank with your clients goes a long way in keeping them as long term clients.

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