At least, pretend that you care

now do you care

In terms of customer service, I don’t think there is anyone worse than my home school district. The Oceanside school district has a Board of Education with more members with kids on school district payroll than with members who have kids in the Oceanside schools. It seems that unless someone is deriving a pecuniary benefit, they do as little as possible for the students of Oceanside, their parents, and the taxpayers.


Whether it’s long-distance learning or graduation that is affected by the pandemic, the school district does as minimal as possible. With no contested elections and a taxpayer base that still believes it’s a great school district, so it approves the budget, the school district does whatever it thinks it can get away with. Eventually, all good things come to an end and their way of doing business will go bye-bye.


As a plan provider, you need to realize who your customers are and who is paying the bill. You can’t simply ignore the needs of your clients and take them for granted. You’re not the only show in town and a plan sponsor client who doesn’t feel like their needs are being met is simply going to find someone else to contact.

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