That 401(k) National Conference to go full virtual in 2021

The 401(k) National Conference was a great event, except for the fact that the pandemic was upon us this past March.


While I had hope that we could hold the National Conference in Anaheim in 2021, it’s just not realistic with the continuing effects of COVID and the reluctance of people and companies to travel even if the pandemic does end.


That is why That 401(k) National Conference becomes That 401(k) National Virtual Conference on January 21-22, 2021. We will still have celebrity guests, still some great presentations, but an early bird special of $20.21 for plan providers to sign up. Top-level sponsorship is $2,500.


In the next few weeks, you will hear more information on the event, as well as how to sign up for a fun event in 2021.

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