Don’t let other providers become the stick in the wheels of progress

stick wheels


I had a friend of mine in college who was involved in student politics like I was and he once proclaimed to the school newspaper that he was “the stick in the wheels of corruption.” 20 years later, I have used that line many times. In law school, I was “the stick in the wheels of hypocrisy.” You get the gist.


In business and life, one of my problems was having to deal with depending on others. Most people didn’t have the enthusiasm that I have may have for something or trying to get work done so I can get paid. When I was working for that law firm and I had this dream of building a national ERISA practice, there was nothing worse than depending on the law firm management to approve my articles and marketing materials in either a timely fashion or in the same structure I submitted as.


So many times I will hear from plan providers who lament that their work is held up by depending on other plan providers such as the advisor who has to work with a 3(38) advisor or an advisor who is dependent on a third party administrator to get back with on a proposal. Every retirement plan provider is busy, but if someone is consistently causing you to delay your work, then maybe it’s time to depend on someone else.


Time is money and you can’t afford retirement plan providers that are wasting your time.

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