Let them remember you for the right reasons

As you know, Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) was booked for That 401(k) National Virtual Conference. As you also may know, Congressman Raskin was the Associate Dean at American University Washington College of Law when I graduated there in 1997. Law school was tough and it wasn’t fun. In what I thought was a sea of dishonesty about our school and how they portrayed the job market, Raskin was as honest as people can come. Congressman Raskin was that friend that I needed to survive what was a very unpleasant experience, So even when I may disagree with him 80% of the time (probably 99% when I was in law school), he will always have my support because he is a friend for life.


When I look at my career, I tried to make sure never to hurt anyone in one fashion or the other. My motto is simple: “don’t be the a$$hole.” In many of my writings, I focus on those that decided to play that part. When choosing to be nice or to be cruel, always choose to be nice. There is nothing wrong with being demanding or being stern, but cruelness is just a whole different level. Hurting people for no reason or showing people up for the sake of showing them up isn’t the right way to act. I will never understand those in my career that just were cruel for the sake of being cruel. Not going to name names because they are in my Kindle books (still on sale), but with such a small industry, it’s better to be known as being nice than being cruel.

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