The Mandalorian is the best thing on TV


Disney Plus at $6.99 a month (soon to be $8 in March) is probably the best bargain on TV. Everything Disney, everything Marvel, and everything Star Wars. The gem of the service is The Mandalorian, which is simply the best thing on TV and represents everything we loved about Star Wars.


The Mandalorian has more than just Grogu aka Baby Yoda. What is amazing is that it reminds me of the original Star Wars especially the Mos Eisley scenes, a gritty western in space. It’s also amazing to see something original, that. Has little interaction with what we know about Star Wars lore, and so far, little to do with the Skywalker saga. While fickle Star Wars fan complained about the last couple of Skywalker saga films, I have a feeling that The Mandalorian will reenergize the fanbase, along with the half dozen future projects they have announced for Disney Plus.

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