Employees don’t need to see that

now you see it

I always jokingly say that the reason I try to avoid hiring employees is that I once was an employee too. However, part of the problem is that I worked for many employers who didn’t understand their role and the role of their employees.

Too many employers don’t have the ability to censor themselves especially when it comes to the sometimes disgust of running a business and employees really don’t want to hear that.

If you’re complaining about billing and the employees know you’re going on a luxurious trip in the not too distant future, employees don’t want to hear your complaints.

If it’s snowing badly and employees can’t get in because of traffic or public transportation issues, employees don’t want to hear how if you came in the morning, you should too because an owner has more dedication to showing up.

Employees don’t want to hear about how you had to use your credit card to pay something for the client when you’re throwing a lavish wedding for your son.

Too many employers think their employees want to know everything and they really don’t want to hear your complaints. Trust me, I was an employee once too.

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