Stay in your lane in social media



When it comes to business, I always say that. you should stay in. your lane and that’s why. I won’t. be offering a third-party administration service anytime soon.


One of the many things that annoy about Facebook is the non-lawyers opining what their constitutional and/or HIPPA rights are and they’re completely wrong. You don’t have a constitutional right to enter Target without a mask. The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact, there are limits to any of our rights. The same goes for non-medical professionals giving medical advice. If you don’t have medical training, I could care less about your medical opinion or your view on vaccines. I find that people who need to express their view on vaccines and whether other people should take it or not have deep insecurity of their beliefs, so they want validation by garnering support or trying to convert people to support their side.


My father-in-law said that when you keep your mouth shut, people will think you’re stupid, and when you open your mouth, they will know.

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