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Context is king

I had a great time on Joshua Itzoe’s podcast and one point, he brought up was that I was a proponent and defender of third-party administration (TPA) firms. If you followed me on LinkedIn when I started my practice 11 years ago, you might think otherwise.

11 years ago, there was no fee disclosure and I had a chip on my shoulder about the TPAs I had worked for and the issues I had with them,  regarding the. pocketing of revenue sharing and the lack of fee transparency. I was labeled by some as a TPA critic, but I think it’s due to the sensitivity of some in the business. It wasn’t that long ago that David Wray was a spokesperson for the industry and he’d try to beat back anything he saw as criticism to the industry. I think the issue is that we can be critical of this business and still be a defender of it.

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