LinkedIn isn’t a dating site

Ever since I started my law practice, LinkedIn has been a very effective tool for me in growing my business. I have been rewarded with meeting so many great retirement plan professionals that have helped me over the past 10 years.

Whether I’ve connected with these professionals or they’ve connected with me, it’s always done professionally. There was never any sales pitch that comes along with an invitation. I know what a financial advisor does and they know what an ERISA attorney does. We all realized that any relationship requires trust. So I’m always shocked when I get an invitation from an advisor or an insurance salesperson that just wants to talk and sell me something or for some reason, thinks that I’ve never worked or referred work to another financial advisor.

Acting like a shifty salesperson by trying to connect with other people on LinkedIn isn’t going to work. Networking is like dating, it will take time to develop a relationship and if you go for the quick move to the basket, you’re going to end stuffed more often than not.

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