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The friends you make

When my kids were born, I was told that we’d have no issues making friends with people who had kids in the same grade. For one reason or another, that really didn’t come to play. As I finally attained age 50, I look at life and realize the best friends I ever met were from school.

Maybe because I didn’t live in a time of social media in school, but friends in school weren’t so easily offended. Without Facebook and Twitter, there wasn’t any miscommunication and you didn’t know whose Sweet 16 or birthday party you weren’t invited to. As an adult, the silliness over why you lost friends is absurd, just like the time I lost a good friend because I complained that her friend was taking too many pictures of her (the friend) kids while the camp photographer.

I don’t have many regrets in life, but losing touch with so many good friends is something I’ve tried to rectify through Facebook. If I’m in an area where a friend is, I take time to meet up with them.

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