City Connect jerseys are mostly misses

I’m sure people know that one of my interests is sports jerseys, I have a collection north of 100, and I have been cutting back some of my throwbacks to buy some of the new NHL jerseys.

The jerseys I have that get the most compliments are the ones that are quite ugly, like the 1978 Taco Bell San Diego Padres brown Dave Winfield jersey or the 1980 Tequila Sunrise Houston Astros Nolan Ryan jersey. The loud and obnoxious jerseys are usually the most popular.

That being said, the Nike City Connect jerseys that they have created for Major League Baseball teams have been mostly misses. Aside from the Cubs, White Sox, and Angels, most of them are horrible, without the connection to the city or the current team colors (why would Red Sox wear yellow?). The latest aberration is the Padres, which seems to be a cross between a Mexican flag and the logo for Miami Vice. As a Mets fan, I’m afraid of what Nike has in mind.

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