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Elvis rocks

I was 5 when Elvis died and I remembered it, it was a huge deal in 1977. I remember they were running his Aloha concert from 1973 in tribute.

When they started re-releasing his greatest hits because The Beatles scored big with the 1 album, I made sure to pick up a copy. When Baz Luhrman unveiled the trailer for his movie, Elvis, I knew that I had to go. I went opening night in Sunrise, Florida, before That 401(k) Conference the next day in Miami.

While I’ve seen some of the negative comments, I thought the movie was excellent. Austin Butler filled the tall task of playing a cultural icon and Tom Hanks did a credible job of playing Colonel Parker, who I only found out was Dutch when doing some reading on Wikipedia a few months back.

If you remotely like Elvis, this is a movie for you.

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