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The problem with opinions

I always say that I thought I loved a great area until I saw my community’s Facebook pages. While most of my village’s 30,000 residents don’t appear there regularly, the people that do scare me. They tend to be uneducated dolts who are racist and just feel the need to express every opinion they have, even though some opinions could use censoring.

I live near an old Waldbaums, it closed in 2015. For a couple of holiday seasons, it would host a pop-up Christmas store. Over the past year, the space was renovated and it eventually opened a few weeks back as an Amazon Fresh, the first one in New York State. I am an Amazon shareholder and loyal customer. I have been to the store a couple of times and have found some interesting items that I don’t see anywhere else. I also like the fact that there is no checkout line. As with any new store, there are some issues to work out and with some people in the community groups, you would think they launched the Hidddenburg.

There are a lot of businesses, that I’m not a fan of and I don’t need to express every opinion I have about them. Some opinions, especially politics, by me, are best left unposted. People need to look at their opinions and determine that not everyone should be posted.

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