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The thing about PEPs

January 1 will be two years of pooled employer plans (PEPs). While I know there aremany plan providers who think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and a few providers that think they’re awful ad no part of it. The fact is the status of PEPs is between the two.

While a lot of people went into starting PEPs, successful PEPs with assets nearing over $100 million are few and far between. Why? Getting a plan with that much assets takes a lot of time, especially when adding up adopting employers with zero or little assets. With state and local mandated requiring employers to starting a plan or joining a mandatory IRA program, I think there is that need in the marketplace for PEPs. My concern is that there just too many PEPs out there and many will just fail.

Another issue is that I think the Department of Labor needs to issues guidlines

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