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The streaming apocalypse

I have a Tv subscription for Direct TV Stream. T-Mobile gives me Netflix for free. With my daughter, I also have to have Disney +, Hulu, and Paramount +, and the Prime subscription gives me Amazon Prime. My HBO subscription gives me HBO Max. Yet with my work, I don’t have enough time to stream and am a little jealous of people that have way too much time to watch.

With so many streaming services and so much money spent on original programming, I envision a streaming apocalypse where some services are going to end up having to merge, or slash spending. HBO Max is merging with Discovery + because of a recent merger and a need to cut costs. Spending at HBIO Max on original programming has been slashed. Disney + might have to slash spending because of lukewarm results for the parent company. Netflix, unlike most streaming services, isn’t a studio and needs to splurge on original content. With waist tightening, how many services can one family subscribe to? I’m an anomaly because I can’t say to a 16-year-old, so I don’t know how many subscription people can afford. As someone who loves vintage TV shows and films from the 70s, I don’t see a streaming service that fits my full-needs except Amazon Prime does carry some TV

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