Make sure the title means something

When I was Synagogue Vice President, the Hebrew school PTA presidents were there for so long, one of them actually didn’t have kids at the school anymore. That was odd, but what was even worse is they did nothing with their jobs. The Hebrew school Passover Candy sale is something I ran, as well as other Hebrew School parent-attended events.

I will never understand why people accept positions and do nothing with them. This isn’t high school or college when there is a need to pad a resume. Yet, there are people who do it all the time. We have people on the local chambers of commerce’s board who own no business and do nothing while local businesses die. Maybe people like to brag about what they do for a local community because it’s good for their resume or marketing, but they are living a lie. If you want to say you’re doing great for the community, make sure you’re actually doing great things for the community.

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