The check is in the mail should be in the mail

Paying bills to other plan providers is hard when money is hard to come by. Sometimes it was difficult over the past 13 years when the mortgage was due and some of my clients were too slow to pay.

Relationships with other plan providers mean everything and that includes how you deal with them in paying what you owe. The worst thing to do with plan providers that you owe money to is lie. If times are tough and you can’t make ends meet, be honest. I will say that over the past 13 years, I only was stiffed by one client, a third-party administrator that stiffed other plan providers and their former owner while changing their initial name every 6 months to avoid paying their creditors. Don’t be like that. Make payment plans, beg, and do whatever you can, but just don’t lie and say the check is in the mail when it isn’t.

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