See how decisions impact others

The idea for buying a nice home is that you would be friendly with neighbors. That really has not panned out. I have a neighbor next door who holds loud parties on Saturdays without giving me a head’s up. Parties with their karaoke player and amplifiers can end around 1 am. In addition, the neighbor didn’t let me know that he’s seeking a variance to build a side patio, 10 feet from my bathroom and bedroom. The side patio will probably be a party deck with his partygoers parting from there while I’m trying to sleep. My neighbor is different from me, he doesn’t understand how I will take things or he just doesn’t care.

In my business, I take every decision I make very seriously. I try to see how the other side may take things, so I take some time, instead of making rash decisions. That helped me recently with a dust-up with a long-term provider. While he wasn’t thinking about how I would take things, everything I did was to figure out how he would take things. As a result, we have an understanding and I’m proud of how I handled things.

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