You’re not for them, move on

You’re at a sales meeting and the current plan provider is just doing a terrible job of working on that plan. You’ll be better, you’ll be less expensive, and you nailed it during the pitch. You don’t get the gig, the plan sponsor is allowing the status quo. You’re flabbergasted, it made complete sense that you’d be hired.

The problem is you thought rationally and you saw things from your only side of things. You didn’t see it from the plan sponsor’s perspective. Perhaps, the plan sponsor is terribly loyal and I mean terrible. Perhaps, the plan provider is someone’s friend or relative. Perhaps, behind the great sales pitch was a plan sponsor who didn’t see things as clearly as you did.

There are times when I was the right solution, but I wasn’t what they wanted. Whether it was personal or business, the best of me wasn’t good enough, because, for some reason, they wanted something else and something that wasn’t better. I scratched my head and moved on. I realized I wasn’t what they wanted. That’s all you could do.

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