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Goodbye Oakland

One of the mistakes I made of late with That 401(k) Conference was trying to schedule the event in Major League ballparks that I haven’t been to. The problem is no one wanted to go to Oakland. I realize that after being in Oakland. I’m not talking about the city, I’m talking about the stadium.

I went to an A’s game this August because I was on the West Coast and this will likely be the last year for the Oakland Athletics, as they move to Las Vegas, as soon as next year. The Oakland Coliseum is one of the oldest stadiums around (I would venture to say that only Fenway, Wrigley, Dodger Stadium, and Angels Stadium are older), and it shows. It’s in worse shape than what I remember Shea Stadium and I think Shea’s last year was 2008. I can’t blame the Athletics for moving, as they should have probably had a stadium 20 years ago. The stadium is the old multi-purpose stadium, the last of its kind.

While the Athletics had pined for a new Oakland stadium at the terminal, the city still has no deal with funding in place. The allure of the Las Vegas strip and all the casino sponsorship money is too hard to pass down. I’m sure a Las Vegas Athletics That 401(k) Conference will generate more interest.

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