The strikes are another strike for streaming

For a while now, I have expressed my opinion that there are too many streaming services and content costs just too much to create. Netflix had a great streaming service at first, when they should old movies and TV shows. Based on the SAG strike for actors, we learned Aaron Paul never made a nickel from Netflix streaming his show, Breaking Bad. Thanks to competition from studios starting their own streaming services, Netflix has spent billions in new content. Their competitors have done the same.

Even Disney knows they have to dial back on original streaming content. The Marvel TV shows might have negatively impacted the box office of Marvel movies. Now the double strike by the writers and actors are going to further delay streaming projects that were set into production. The longer the strikes are, the longer there won’t be original content, which will lead to more streaming subscription cancellations.

While people are cutting the cord for cable, I still think there is too many streaming services and a long strike might cost a service or two, big business.

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