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The thing about politics

It was harmless and I still think 15 years later, it was always harmless. Working at that semi-prestigious law firm, I reached out to former clients of mine that I worked with, at a third-party administration (TPA) firm. My old bosses got wind of it and sent a letter through their attorneys to the attorney who headed our New York City office.

I was supposed to go to the New York Comic-Con and attend a special breakfast for customers of Diamond Comics, which I was one of. There was going to be special giveaways. Instead, I had to go to our Garden City office to get yelled at, by the Managing Attorney, Lois. Lois blew what I did out of proportion, and started to namedrop the political children of some of the law firm partners, which included an accidental Governor and a guy who lost re-election by 436 votes with $2 million in the bank. Lois who had an ego of the size of Texas was also pissed that my former employer’s attorneys thought the head of our New York office was the managing attorney.

So when I see employees get canceled by posting antisemitic gibberish on social media, I have no sympathy. Zero. If you want to post freely on social media, start your own business, and you will suffer repercussions for that too.

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