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The Holiday Party

The best thing I did in my professional life was starting my own practice. The only thing I maybe miss from working at a business is the camaraderie with certain staff. Aside from the backstabbing co-workers (every place had that one person), the thing I miss the least is the Holiday Party.

Perhaps I’m a malcontent like Larry David, but when you don’t get a holiday bonus, you’d rather have the money for the Holiday Party invite, than the actual invite. It always felt like work, without being paid, especially the places where they wouldn’t pay for your spouse or significant other to attend, so you’re trapped for about 3 hours with people that you are trapped with, for 40-45 hours during the week.

When my father’s company had a holiday party, it was fun since it usually corresponded with the end of my Fall school schedule and I didn’t work there. I do remember one year, probably 1990-1991 when things were rough, and no holiday bonuses were not handed out. That caused an employee boycott of the party. I didn’t empathize at the time because I didn’t work there.

If you’re a boss and having a holiday party, why do you do it? If you’re handing out holiday bonuses, I get it. If you’re not, isn’t it better to give the employee the $100-125 in cash, than a holiday invite? When my father’s partner and certain former bosses threw a party, I knew they did it for themselves and not for the employees. Just remember why you throw it and how the employees may take to it or not.

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