Stop the complaining, new Frasier is good

Cheers is probably one of my top 10 favorite shows. Even went to the real Cheers bar for lunch on the second day of the Massachusetts bar exam and had a Samuel Adams and their blackened chicken Caesar salad.

Went Cheers went off the air in 1993, Frasier was created as a spin-off starring Kelsey Grammer as the bar’s sitting psychiatrist. Frasier didn’t fare like After Mash, it was a sequel that was as long and almost as loved as Cheers. Frasier was something completely unique from Cheers concentrating on Frasier’s familial relationship with his father and brother. A reboot of Frasier was announced for Paramount + and there was some hope that there would be a continuation of the original show. Thankfully, it avoided the mistake of doing that. John Mahoney had died, so no Martin would have been a hole that could not be replaced. David Hyde Pierce decided he didn’t want to return as Niles was another dagger. The decision to return Frasier back to Boston and try to repair his relationship with his blue-collar son, was a flip on the original setting, Frasier trying to fix the relationship with his blue-collar father.

I understand people are upset that Frasier hasn’t gone back to Cheers, but Kelsey pointed out that Cheers is hallowed ground and he doesn’t want to hurt a national monument. That makes sense and won’t preclude an occasional character pop-in.

The series started slow and each episode has been better than the last one. It’s a show hitting its stride. It is worth a view because I don’t think there is a comedy on TV right now, that is better.

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