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Don’t change that seat

I hate what they have done to the airlines. For everything, there is a charge. I’m not talking about the difference between first, comfort, and coach. I’m talking about the charges for checked bags and different seats.

So when someone asks you to switch seats, chances are they’re trying to put one over on you. A few months back, I was traveling to Seattle with my family. We all sat together because that’s how I booked it, ahead of time. A woman asked the guy in the back of us, to switch seats, so she could sit with her adult daughter. The single guy agreed, not knowing he switched an aisle seat for a middle seat. After discovering the swindle, he passively aggressively complained after moving to the middle seat.

Our lives are determined by the choices we make. If we travel as a family and can’t sit together, that’s probably based on us taking too long to book, or because we got bumped to another flight. We ask the ticket agent for help and if they can’t move seats, we deal with what we have. We don’t inflict ourselves on others, that’s how I see it.

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