I can’t imagine the cold emails work

I handle my investments. I work with financial advisors around the country, they are the best referral sources for clients. If I ever made enough money where I need a financial advisor, I’ll likely consider someone I. have worked with and trust. So I’m not likely to respond to a cold email.

Recently, I got an email from an advisor hundreds of miles away, wanting me to consider hiring him. The email was pretty awful, he emailed: “ I provide investment management and financial planning services to individuals and families. Many of my clients have similar backgrounds to yours and I wanted to ask if you have any interest in talking.” What background? As an attorney, as a malcontent former TPA employee? The email is too broad and so cold, I can’t imagine it ever working. What do I think works? Networking, providing content to fellow providers. Anything better something that will be deleted in 3 seconds.

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