The one thing people have problem with the most

If there is one thing that over time, I’ve realized that people have a problem with the truth.

I probably knew it from a certain time, probably college, that even opinions based on truthful facts can be a dangerous thing for the people that can’t deal with it. The student government at Stony Brook couldn’t deal with it. The folks at my law school who thought everything was wonderful had issues with my truthful opinions that things weren’t so Rory. Same with some jobs and even the retirement plan industry, I remember when an industry spokesperson (since retired) had issues with any provider that criticized the retirement plan industry over the lack of transparency on fees.

We were told when we were young, that we should always speak the truth, yet it’s the truth we speak that can lead us to be ostracized. We can choose to go along with the flow, but the problem is that going with the flow only continues the problems and issues we fight against.

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