We are shaped by our experiences

When I used to write the annual article that Paychex and ADP were lousy third-party administrators, I would get a nasty retort from people who worked there. It’s not personal, it’s business, and my experience with these payroll providers as TPAs hasn’t been very good. I remember an angry plan sponsor that used one of them and had received my article from another TPA, wanting to debate me on my article. I have no time for debates and my opinion is my opinion, based on 24 years of experience. A plan sponsor who thinks their payroll provider is doing a great job as a TPA has their own experience.

An advisor commented on my latest article that his experience with these payroll providers was excellent. I simply told him that my experiences weren’t the same. My opinions are shaped by my experiences and I assure you that if my experiences with these payroll providers improve, then my opinion will too.

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