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Go where the audience

That 401(k) Conference returns this year at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, on May 3rd, and Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York on June 7th. The events took a sabbatical in 2022 because of me.

I initially announced events for Oakland and Detroit. These were two cities I’ve never been to, and purposely, both connected games would be against my Mets. As my buddy Larry, said, “Go where the people are.” I learned that no one wants to go to Oakland or Detroit. I also had some issues in getting Yankee Stadium to accept my booking last year.

So hopefully, I’ve corrected my ways and we can resume the events with 2-3 a year. For 2025, hopefully, we can make it back to Anaheim, Chicago, and for the first time, D.C. It’s all dependent on attendees and plan provider sponsors, not where I want to go. Remember you need an audience and find where it is, and avoid where it isn’t.

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