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IPod R.I.P.

The iPod and the iTunes store were the products that saved Apple. I remember in the 1990s before Steve Jobs came back, there were talks that Apple was doomed. It was iTunes and the iPod that began the resurgence of Apple, which also led to the iPhone and iPad.

IPod was discontinued in 2022 after 20 years of admirable service since Apple saw the product as redundant to the iPhone. As someone who likes to have my music player separate from my phone, this isn’t something I can get behind. I have had an iPod Classic for the past 12 years and I will not enjoy the day it dies. I recently bought a $40 imitation of the iPod classic on Amazon. While it looks like an iPod and can easily transfer music files to it, the music files that I placed on it, look like a hot mess since it doesn’t work with iTunes, which did a great job of organizing music.

While people will say I should just use my iPhone, it’s hard to use it as a music layer when I use it for my life and my business. Plus I don’t want the memory of my iPhone used up by music. Guess these are first-world problems.

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