You can’t let opinions bother you

I have been blocked by 3 of the sitting 7 members of my local board of education on social media because it’s my opinion that they’re doing a bad job. Imagine that, a publicly elected official with such fragile egos, can’t stand criticism. I think I’ve said enough.

Opinions aren’t facts, they are beliefs shaped by experience. Many times, the opinions are shaped by incorrect facts. We see this often on Twitter when people have opinions that are based on lies. Outside of that, there is no point in arguing about someone’s opinion. They like what they like and if they don’t like what you do, just accept it. When I first started writing those payroll provider third-party administration articles, I would get negative feedback from people who worked for those payroll providers. I never understood the need to argue, my experiences with their work have been dreadful and only good work would change that

In the end, respect opinions, don’t fight them.

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