Fanatics is the 800 pound gorilla in the room

As a sports fan and collector, it’s amazing how big Fanatics has become over the years. It started when they took over the shopping websites of all the major leagues and the WWE. It continued when they bought the apparel business from. Majestic and Mitchell and Ness.

Then they made deals to be the exclusive baseball card manufacturer from Major League Baseball and bought Topps in a fire sale since Topps losing that license to Fanatics made them useless. They bought a sportsbook which works with discounts for their merchandise. Now, they will launch sports conventions, similar to sci-fi conventions around the country with a heavyweight lineup of sports legends like Tom Brady and Derek Jeter making appearances.

While people knock Fanatics’ lack of quality control in the manufacturing of their merchandise that they manufacture and they are manufacturing Nike’s awful MLB on-field jerseys, Fanatics is a financial behemoth, and I can’t wait until it becomes public.

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