It’s all about communication

It was great hosting a live event again. I didn’t hold any live edition of That 401(k) Conference because people didn’t want to attend or sponsor the location I came up with (Detroit and Oakland) and Yankee Stadium was incommunicado (we’re back live there on June 7th).

It was well attended and I had people who wanted to take pictures with me on the field like I was some celebrity. I even had plan providers, who sponsored the event, say nice things about me, one calling me an icon.

As someone who didn’t get many compliments from family members or the bosses at work while lesser people did (see my article on the “prop up”), I try to downplay the compliments. Listen, I’m just doing my job, working with clients and knocking out content that plan providers use for their business. As I have been trying to do for the last few years, I should complain less and enjoy the moment.

People compliment on the good work you do, don’t downplay it, like you’re supposed to do your job, but accept the compliments because the nature of people is to complain more than compliment.

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