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I recommend PEP-HUB

There are a lot of great 401(k) services out there that I haven’t used, so touting them isn’t going to be a big thing for me. I will tout the folks at PEP-HUB (PEP-HUB.com).

I came across Robb Smith and Jerry Conway a few years back when they were tabulating information on pooled employer plans (PEPs) and pooled plan providers (of which I serve as one). I understood they also conducted Requests for Proposals for those looking for PEP solutions. As an ERISA attorney for aa multiple employer plan that wanted to transition to a PEP, I couldn’t recommend my solution (conflicts of interest are a big thing for me to avoid), so I recommended PEP-HUB to conduct the RFP so that the process was on the up and up.

Robb Smith and Jerry Conway conducted a very economically reasonable and thorough RFP process. Impressed with their work and handling of the process from beginning to end. Anyone looking for PEPs should seek their guidance.

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