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Every action has a reaction

I always say that the world would be better off, just if every human being would realize that there are other human beings out there. The person who plays on their phone without an earpiece, the person who won’t return the shopping cart to the corral, and the person who is a pig parker, would serve humanity better, just by understanding that there are other people out there.

Every act you make in whatever you do can react. I learned that when I offended a third-party administrator (TPA) by taking my client’s side over a billing issue. The problem is that the TPA referred me, but the plan sponsor was a client. Lets just say, I never got a referral from that TPA again.

Everything you do, no minor the job, can react, and sometimes it’s not going to be positive. So when I pulled a Larry David because the camp photographer was taking pictures, mostly of her ugly children, I lost a friendship out of it, because a friend of mine was a friend of this photographer. These are the breaks.

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