Get compliments and give compliments

One of the plan providers sponsors for the Arlington That 401(k) Conference gave me some compliments on LinkedIn and someone else posted the same on the same thread.

I’ll be honest, I don’t do well with compliments. Some would say I’m bashful, I just think it’s because I didn’t get many compliments from my parents. I remember taking the 11th-grade high school regents exam as an 8th grader, getting an 82, and it was treated as some sort of failure. Whatever it was, it was never good enough. But yet I’m sure my mom still thinks my brother-in-law folds well and is proud of that (he worked at the Gap once).

I know we are supposed to do work, but we should just accept that compliment and say thank you. Just like when my grandmother would tell me to shut up and say thank you when I protested the gift she gave.

On the flip side, we should give compliments. For those close to me, I’m not good with that. Again, not getting compliments probably had something to do with that. I can assure you that people in the service industry are likely to get more complaints than compliments, so a compliment goes a long way.

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