Don’t be weird about invites

I’ve been running my events, That 401(k) Conference, since 2018. It’s been fun and there are times when it wasn’t. When I had no interest in events booked for Oakland and Detroit last year, I took a breather. We came back in 2024 with great events in Arlington and New York. As it goes, I think we will have 2-3 live events going forward. The days of doing 9 events a year like we did in 2019 aren’t going to happen, but 2-3 is manageable.

When it comes to these events, it’s $100 to attend. I charge $50 a head if multiple people come from the same firm if you ask. If people can’t make it, I understand. Getting people to live events is a challenge.

When you get an invite, ignore it or attend. Just don’t be weird. It’s not a time to sell me your advisory services, especially when I’ve known some advisors as long as I know my wife. Don’t claim you won’t attend because you’re a plate licker since the event isn’t free. Whatever it is, just avoid being weird.

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