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Stick to your price

The only bad thing about smartphones is when you have to shop for another one. So my wife and I went to the local Costco and the representative there who works for an unaffiliated cell phone service selling company approached us with a great offer. If we switched from Verizon to TMobile, they would give us the new iPhone XR, which is better than the 7 I have now.


My wife was a little hesitant because she thought the best deal we could get at TMobile was a buy one, get one free. The representative told us that he had the special deal and all we would have to do is pay the tax on the phones. My wife wanted to shop, so she told the representative she’d come back after shopping. So when we come back shopping, the representative told us that his deal expired and the only one left was that buy one, get one free that every TMobile store had.  My wife and I left in disgust because either the representative was trying to scam us into buying the phones or more likely, he had no idea what the pricing was.


When dealing with potential clients, there is nothing worse you can do if you get the price quote wrong and you have to come back with a more expensive price. It betrays the growing confidence and trust that this potential client has in you. Trust and confidence are bug things in the retirement plan business and anything that chips away at it is going to hurt you in the long run. You need to be careful about how you price your services and if you make a mistake, I suggest you live w

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