One of the biggest problems is unmet expectations

I have a lot of opinions and I’m not afraid to express them. One of the things that get me upset with businesses and organizations is unmet expectations. Whether it was my law school or some legal staffing agency when I was starting out, there is nothing worse than being told that you should be expecting something and for that business or organization to fail to deliver.


As a retirement plan provider, you should never overpromise and undeliver. If you promise clients the moon and you deliver something short of that, your clients will never forgive you for that. I’ve worked for third-party administrators, I’ve worked for law firms, and I’ve been on my own now for almost 9 years. So I know that the easiest way to lose clients is to promise a level of expectation and service that you fail to deliver. It’s just simply because if you promise that level and immediately fail to produce, the client will certainly know that from the start and will already consider replacing you from the get-go With clients, you always want to start on the right foot and I can say that most relationships with plan sponsor clients usually end after they get off the wrong foot at the start.

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