Adoption of some 401(k) plan features are leveling off


There are many choices in developing options for a 401(k) plan and certain features such as automatic enrollment and Roth 401(k) have only been law since 2006. 14 years later, it would not be surprising that the percentage of plans adopting these options would level off.


According to the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s PSCA’s 62nd Annual Survey of Profit-Sharing and 401(k) Plans, 401(k) sponsor adoption of automatic enrollment features, Roth options, and target-date funds seems to be leveling off.


This should come as no shock because you’re never going to get 100% adoption of these features and there are certain stumbling blocks for individual plan sponsors to adopt them. A perfect example is automatic enrollment, certain plan sponsors are happy enough with their participation rates or don’t want the perceived nuisance of this feature.

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