Lighten up Francis, it’s just an opinion

My most famous and most read articles has been the series of articles concerning my opinion that the two top payroll providers aren’t very good with 401(k) plan administration. While it’s very popular with my reading public, it’s very unpopular with people who work for payroll provider third party administrators (TPAs).


Over the years, I’ve received some criticism from people who work at these payroll provider TPAs and I understand it comes with the territory. What I don’t understand is why people bother to criticize an opinion. There are plenty of advisors who have no issues with these TPAs and do you know why? It’s because it’s their opinion. My opinion is based on my experience of working with plan sponsors who have needed corrective action after being former clients of these TPAs.


People like Nickelback, people like Caddyshack II, people liked ruffled shirts and bellbottoms. That’s OK, opinions are fine. Do you disagree with me? That’s fine, but you can’t change my mind, only I can.

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