The greatest comics deal you probably never heard of



Since 10, I’ve been an on and off fan of reading comic books. As I got older, the trip to the comic store got harder and harder, especially when I no longer worked in Midtown Manhattan and could walk to Midtown Comics.


Next was Comixology, an app now owned by Amazon that I allowed me to purchase an online edition of new comics, but that was starting to become a $20-30 a week habit.


A friend of my high school clued me in about Marvel Unlimited, which is an annual subscription app for $65, where you can get the entire Marvel comics collection and new releases (after a 6-month delay). Buying individual comics and graphic novel collections would cost thousands. Right now, I’m knee-deep in Black Panther and Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu (to prepare for next year’s movie).


With so much content, the obligatory ebook purchase isn’t necessary as you have enough content to read for a lifetime.

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