My crystal ball for the retirement plan business after COVID

The pandemic is over, at least for now. Assuming the Delta variant doesn’t increase infections and cause the mask and social distancing back up, I still think that the pandemic will cause some changes in the business that will be permanent.


1) Less in-person meetings. Zoom works, it saves on travel time and time. Expect more and more client meetings and enrollment meetings to be permanent Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet meetings.


2) Less travel to national conferences. Less might be more, in terms of saving travel time and expenses.


3) More work from home. Unlike in the 1990s, people can effectively work from home.


4) Cut back in space. Many plan providers will shrink their office footprint if they allow more people to work from home.


5) Move to the country. With less space, less need to be in the big city. Savings on rental in space size, but location.



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