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jasson PSA

Sports card market is in a bubble that will explode

The COVID pandemic and sports documentaries like ESPN’s The Last Dance has created a fervor in spo...

job to do

We have a job to do

Only 20% of people aged 20 to 29 in the world believe they’ll achieve their full retirement income...


r/wallstreetbets is another reason why I hate self directed brokerage accounts

What the Reddit group wallstreetbets did with Gamestop in a short squeeze was something quite amazin...

stay in lane

Purchasers need to stay in their lane

I’ve written blog posts about the problems that I see when a plan provider I know gets purchased. ...

certain point of view

From a certain point of legal view

There are two types of ERISA attorney, those that work for a plan provider and those that don’t. M...


The problem of the PEP Trustee

One of the quirks with pooled employer plans (PEPs) is the need for a corporate trustee. The only pr...


Opinions aren’t wrong, except…. by experiences

I have very strong opinions on the retirement plan business and that might be a reason I’m not ask...

IRS logo blue

IRS Documents opine on PEP plan documents

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in their January 20, 2021 edition of Employee Plans News opined t...

peacock wwe

Peacock/WWE Network deal shows the problems of streaming

Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu are the kings of streaming. Everyone else is playing ca...