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It doesn’t go to plan

My grandmother always said that life doesn’t go to plan. She said that years before her death and ...


The One Cost Of The Long Time Part Time Inclusion

The biggest change with the SECURE Act is that long term part-time employees will be eligible to par...


Aon and Willis Towers Watson to merge

As I’ve said, plan provider mergers will continue and have sped up ever since fee disclosure regul...

new normal

The new normal

I wasn’t around the Spanish Flu epidemic. My grandfather was and his older sister died of it at ag...


CenturyLink wins its 401(k) class action lawsuit

CenturyLink successfully defended the class-action lawsuit filed against them.   A federal judg...


Invesco settles their lawsuit

A lawsuit against the Invesco 401(k) plan has been settled for $3.47 million.   Also, Invesco a...


You can’t sell Betamax in a world of VHS

A plan provider once asked me if I had written a full-blown article on why trustee directed 401(k) p...


Not wrong to dream, just don’t make it a fantasy

I will always say that the plan providers who proclaim that they will make me rich have failed to do...


That 401(k) National Conference hits Disney

I come from the land of Broadway where the show must go on. Despite the coronavirus epidemic, That 4...


$300 million Plan sued over share classes

As long as there are 401(k) plan sponsors who don’t show concern over cost, there will always be E...