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taz credit

IRS Provides Guidance on Employer Tax Credit

The Secure Act created a new small employer automatic enrollment credit of up to $500 per year to em...

full time part time

IRS Provides Guidance on Long-Term, Part-Time Employees in 401(k) Plans

Under the SECURE Act, 401(k) plan sponsors will be required to have a dual eligibility requirement u...


Possible Biden 401(k) is a little chilly

A little known proposal from the Joe Biden campaign concerning 401(k) plans is giving many in the in...


Take extra precaution for COVID distributions

The Securities and Exchange Commission is urging professionals to take extra steps to ensure the saf...

always be selling

They will always be selling

When I was a kid, there were two varieties of Cheerios, one version of Listerine, and one type of Cr...


Plan settlement shows you what’s wrong

Finding things wrong with a 401(k) plan is very easy when a settlement in. a lawsuit has been reache...

walt frazier

Walt Frazier will be wheeling and dealing at That 401(k) National Virtual Conference on January 21

NBA Hall of Famer/Knicks legend/Knicks broadcaster Walt “Clyde” Frazier will be our guest on day...


McKinsey & Co. settles for $39.5 million

Putting your proprietary funds in a 401(k) plan makes you a target and if you don’t offer them, it...


The greatest comics deal you probably never heard of

  Since 10, I’ve been an on and off fan of reading comic books. As I got older, the trip to t...


Free recordkeeping and you

Several of the large bundled providers are offering free recordkeeping for parts of next year if pla...