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The problem of the de-conversion process

Years ago, I was the Executive Editor of my law school’s news magazine. In one of my final issues,...


Lighten up Francis, it’s just an opinion

My most famous and most read articles has been the series of articles concerning my opinion that the...

DOL logo 2020

DOL is “plotting” a new fiduciary rule

When a government agency is plotting, they have to do it in public and it’s just a matter of when ...


MEPs are more expensive according to a study

The intention of multiple employer plans is that for the small plan market, their fees should be low...

JP morgan

JP Morgan ponies up $9 million

A settlement has been in a lawsuit accusing fiduciaries of the JPMorgan Chase 401(k) Savings Plan of...

Retirement money in a jar

Participants raid their retirement accounts

I had said that one of the problems with the coronavirus and the CARES Act is that participants woul...


DOL Finalizes Electronic Notice Safe Harbor

The Department of Labor (DOL) has finally issued final regulations providing a new “notice and acc...


The Inefficient Plan Design

When you start fixing up the house (for me, a never-ending battle) and replacing appliances or items...


Picking the cheapest provider can be a breach of fiduciary

When it comes to health and fitness, you constantly hear studies about what foods fight or cause can...


You Need A Financial Advisor

I am still how often I find participant-directed 401(k) plans without a financial advisor. While I u...