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Get the best person for the job, period.

I’m a long-suffering fan of the Mets and over the past two years, I’ve had to deal with the unde...


The thing about stealing plan assets

I have been an ERISA attorney for 21 years now and the biggest thing that amazes me is when a fiduci...


Let’s be honest about teachers and their 403(b) plans

Non-ERISA 403(b) plans are the last stand for poorly run, highly expensive retirement plans. It is s...


Goldman Sachs sued for using proprietary funds in their 401(k) plan

Goldman Sachs has been sued for the alleged “unlawful” management of its company 401(k) ...


Warren gets assailed by ARA for 401(k) tax

As far as an industry watchdog group, let’s just say that the American Retirement Association (ARA...


2020 Limits Announced

I As I’m sure you heard, the Internal Revenue Service released their 2020 Cost of Limit Adjustment...


Be clear

In communications with other plan providers, clients, and potential clients, you have to be clear. T...


Correct the late deferral issue correctly

Correcting your late deferrals by depositing them and making a contribution to make up for lost earn...


Get those safe harbor notices out

If you have a safe harbor 401(k) plan or plan on adding that provision to your plan, keep in mind th...


IRS proposes changes to life expectancy tables

People complain a lot about life these days, but one fun fact is that people are living longer than ...