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Arrogance is a problem

  22 years in the retirement plan business and I have seen quite a bit. Two disasters that I wi...

time to go

When it’s time to leave

  Like George Costanza who always tried to leave on a high note in an episode of Seinfeld, I al...


You’re Not Here To Make Friends

  There are essentially two types of people at any company: management and the employees.  I a...

norma principal

Avoid the Norma Principle

  The Peter Principle is a management theory concept in which the selection of a candidate for ...


Nestle sued over 401(k) plan

Nestle is the latest target of ERISA litigators and is being sued 0ver excessive administrative fees...

trout rookie

The reality of these crazy card prices

Maybe thanks to COVID, but there has been an explosion in auction prices of trading cards of current...


Keep politics to yourself

Someone I really respect in the industry posted on Twitter that her husband’s certified financial ...


Sometimes, you have to be a Scrooge to keep things correct

I’m very opinionated, you know that. My opinions are just opinions, based on my experiences for 22...

Being Called a Hater

Critics aren’t necessarily haters

There have been some critical op-eds of late, criticizing 401(k) plans. Some of the criticism wasn...


I don’t get riled up about 401(k) opinions

Many years ago, I was one of the people on LinkedIn (along with James Holland) that would point out ...